Passion And Desire

The desire to know everything is the core value of human beings.

The ability to be passionate is what makes life worth living.


  • The passion to understand yourself and be understood by others.
  • The passion to live a happy life.


  • The desire to know yourself.
  • The desire to do worthwhile activities.
  • The fear of not understanding yourself and not being understood by others.

  • The fear of not living a happy life.


  • The anxiety of not knowing yourself.

  • The anxiety of not doing worthwhile activities.

Umazed Social Platform

  • Understand
  • Be Understood
  • Know Yourself
  • Creating Insights:
  • Crowd Source your insights and get answers.
  • Broadcast your insights and help others to understand quickly.

Our decisions and actions are in our own hands. So, when we decide and act we become what we are in the framework of meanings and values that we embody in our character.

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